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What are you looking for? Or how?

Address-complete provide unified way to perform address autocomplete using 3 geo-data providers:

  1. Google autocomplete + places API
  2. MapZen (Pelias) autocomplete API
  3. Yandex Geocoder

This library provides both basic address autocompete features, and extended address details extraction to enable complex forms to shine.


npm install address-autocomplete

API Promise

%provider_name%.getDetails(term): Promise

MAPZEN all the things.

Nor google, nor yandex will NOT work in browser due to CORS limitations.

Use mapzen instead.


there is live example at codesandbox -

import mapzen, {configure} from 'address-autocomplete/mapzen';
import google, {configure} from 'address-autocomplete/google';
import yandex, {configure} from 'address-autocomplete/yandex';

// Google and MapZen does require an API key;

.then(autocompletedData => async {
  // array of objects with .text field
  const fullData = await Promise.all(;
  // array of object with coordinates as AddressDetails data

PS: To say they truth - you have to call getDetails only for Google API. All other API just mimic Google's behavior.

.then(fullData => {
  // hooray! I've already got everything!
.then(fullData => {
  // only fullData[0].text
  // noooo :( :(


This library comes with TS and Flow definition, but anyway

Response from is AddressResponse

interface AddressResponse {
    id: number,
    text: string,

Response and any other API, or from google.getDetails

interface DetailedAddressResponse extends AddressResponse {
    point: number[],
    addressDetails: {
        country: {
            name: string,
            code?: string  // as iso3166-1
        region: {
            name: string,
            code?: string, // as iso3166-2
        locality: {
            name: string
        street: {
            name: string,
            house: string,
            label: string,
        postalcode: string

Country list

Hey! How to get list of countries or list of states for a country?

Just use iso3166-2-db

import listOfCountries from 'iso3166-2-db/countryList/UN/en';

address complete uses iso3166-2-db to extract iso3166-2 regions names from MapZen answers.

Which API to use?

I could recommend:

  • MapZen - it is almost free, and high quality.
  • Google is a standard defacto.
  • Yandex, for Europe.