😹 export ANSI to HTML, SVG, PNG, w/ iTerm2 color support


😹 export ANSI color strings to various formats: HTML, SVG, PNG.

ANSI-to takes a string of ANSI and converts it to various types of output. For example, this SVG:


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ANSI-to has the following plugins available:

  • SVG - Export ANSI to Scalable Vector Graphics
  • PNG, JPG - Export ANSI to raster image (JPG, PNG)
  • HTML (coming soon)

Important: Do not use ANSI-to directly. Please use one of the above plugins.

General Features

  • iTerm2 color support - Base16 iTerm2 Color Schemes
  • Use output in your files
  • Designed for use with Chalk
  • Plugin architecture to build-your-own ANSI Parser
  • Built-in default colors
  • User can override colors
  • Emoji support
  • Powerline font support

Why ANSI-to ?

ANSI-to is designed for use with ZTD development (Zero Technical Debt). ANSI-to provides a Markdown friendly way to include CLI output in your software documentation.