wrapper around async.queue to make some common usages simpler


A wrapper around the async module, that provides an improved promise queue.

Some highlights:

  • promiseified method (all wired up)
  • in a failure scenario, it will wait for pending work before rejecting. This prevents the run-away work problem.


npm install async-promise-queue


yarn add async-promise-queue

Debug logging

DEBUG="async-promise-queue*" node <your program>

And you will be informed when a queue is used, and what its concurrency becomes (note: we can always add more logging, submit your ideas as pull requests!)


'use strict';

const queue = require('async-promise-queue');

queue.async // a reference to the `async` module which `async-promise-queue` is requiring.

// the example worker
const worker = queue.async.asyncify(function(work) {
  console.log('work', work.file);
  return new Promise(resolve => {
    if (work.file === '/path-2') { throw new Error('/path-2'); }
    if (work.file === '/path-3') { throw new Error('/path-3'); }
    setTimeout(resolve, work.duration);

// the work
const work = [
  { file:'/path-1',  duration: 1000 },
  { file:'/path-2',  duration: 50 },
  { file:'/path-3',  duration: 100 },
  { file:'/path-4',  duration: 50 },

// calling our queue helper
queue(worker, work, 3)
  .catch(reason => console.error(reason))
  .then(value   => console.log('complete!!', value))