Returns a stream which becomes readable once all input is received


Returns a stream which fires a callback and becomes readable once all input is received.

By default the callback is invoked with a Buffer instance containing all concatenated input. If you set the option { objectMode: true } the callback is invoked with an array containing all objects received.

collectAll([callback], [options]) ⇒ Duplex

Kind: Exported function

Param Type Description
[callback] function Called once with the collected input data (by default a Buffer instance, or array in objectMode.). The value returned by this callback function will be passed downstream.
[options] object Stream options object, passed to the constructor for the stream returned by collect-all. If the callback function supplied returns a non-string/buffer value, set options.objectMode to true.

An example command-line client script - string input received at stdin is stamped with received then written to stdout.

var collectAll = require('collect-all')
  .pipe(collectAll(function (input) {
    input = 'received: ' + input
    return input

An object-mode example:

var collectAll = require('collect-all')

function onAllCollected (collected) {
  console.log('Objects collected: ' + collected.length)

var stream = collectAll(onAllCollected, { objectMode: true })
stream.end({}) // outputs 'Objects collected: 3'

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