Safari JS cannot parse YYYY-MM-DD date format?

Austin Hyde提出了一个问题:Safari JS cannot parse YYYY-MM-DD date format?,或许与您遇到的问题类似。


The behavior of the Date.parse method is implementation dependent, on ECMAScript 5, this method can parse ISO8601 formatted dates, but I would recommend you to make the parsing manually.

Some time ago I've made a simple function, that can handle a format specifier argument:

function parseDate(input, format) {
  format = format || 'yyyy-mm-dd'; // default format
  var parts = input.match(/(\d+)/g), 
      i = 0, fmt = {};
  // extract date-part indexes from the format
  format.replace(/(yyyy|dd|mm)/g, function(part) { fmt[part] = i++; });

  return new Date(parts[fmt['yyyy']], parts[fmt['mm']]-1, parts[fmt['dd']]);

parseDate('06.21.2010', 'mm.dd.yyyy');
parseDate('21.06.2010', '');
parseDate('2010/06/21', 'yyyy/mm/dd');

Also you could detect the ECMAScript 5 behavior to parse ISO formatted dates, you can check if the Date.prototype.toISOString is available, e.g.:

if (typeof Date.prototype.toISOString == "function") {
  // ES5 ISO date parsing available